September 2012

Wednesday 9/26 - 9pm
Lower Dens

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Brains (Watch)
I Get Nervous (Tiny Desk Concert) (Watch)
Press: Nootropics Review (Paste)

“The record as a whole begs for an assessment of all the flaws inherent in our existence, and to imagine a better, more suitable, logical way for humanity to live.” So says Lower Dens leader Jana Hunter about the band’s stunning new album Nootropics. It’s an ambitious work, and it delivers – heavily metaphorical, the symmetries and concordances of the lyrics run deep; the luminous lines of the music converge at a point in a future just out of view. Lower Dens has made music that reconciles fear and uncertainty by freeze-framing it and turning it into a thing of beauty. Pronounced no-eh-tro-pics, the title refers to a type of drug used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. That’s a reference to Hunter’s interest in transhumanism, the use of technology to extend human capabilities. It could just as easily extend to the music itself – even the band’s newfound keyboards achieve a human-digital synthesis that aptly mirrors the album’s themes. (Ribbon)