February 2012

Wed. 2/1 - 8PM

Come out for the first open mic of 2012! Sing, play, dance, read, perform, watch, or whatever else you want to do. E-mail Thea Kohut (kohoutt@kenyon.edu) to sign up for a spot (first come, first served) or sign up at the Horn on Wednesday.

Sat. 2/11 - 10PM
Black White and Red All Over

A premiere formal event brought to you by the Horn Gallery, Peeps O Kenyon, Food Co-Op, PEAS, and ECO. Call it what you want (bootleg Phling? Party of the century?); think Horn Black
& White Ball meets Peeps Valentine's Party with local food and live music thrown into the mix.

10-10:45 Jazz/hors d'oeuvres
10:45-11:15 Glen Echo/hors d'oeuvres
11:15-midnight Luke Brandfon
midnight-2am DJ SLOTS

Wed. 2/15 - 9:30PM
Cloud Nothings
w/Glen Echo

Cloud Nothings
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Cloud Nothings is a one-man studio band: 19-year-old Dylan Baldi, the songwriter whose frantic, fuzz-toned but ever-tuneful home recordings, from a suburban basement, werediscovered online. He’s a throwback to the melodic early-1980s punk-pop of bands like the Replacements, with the immediacy of being an actual teenager — a nerdy, nasal-voiced underdog falling in love or lashing out. “You’re not that important now and that will always stay the same!” he sneers in two-syllable bursts (NY Times).

Fri. 2/17 -9:30 PM
Danny Brown

[Danny Brown] projects his neuroses onto pill-popping college girls, traces the roots of his vices to a fucked-up family, and speaks on the damn near post-apocalyptic climate of his Detroit hometown until all the pain comes rushing right back on album closer "30", a victory rap lap with a drunken horn beat, tugged along by a swaggering celebration of success and a nagging death wish. Danny Brown is loads of fun to listen to because he raps like a maniac, hilariously and tragically, about any and everything, but XXX stays on your iPod thanks to its precarious balance between being wildly unhinged and conceptually sound (Pitchfork).

Fri. 2/24 - 9:30PM
Bob Crusoe
w/The Killer Sting

Wed. 2/29 9:45PM
w/Jeffrey Jerusalem and
Double Girlfriend

band website

YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans of Marfa, Texas and Portland, Oregon, USA. All people are welcome to become members of YACHT. Accordingly, YACHT is what YACHT is whenYACHT is standing before you. YACHT’s heart is in these live presentations: uncluttered, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and coded ritualism, backed by constantly changing elements— (Windish)

Jeffrey Jerusalem

Introducing Jeffrey Jerusalem, the West Coast’s next hot-shit producer, performer, and remixer. The high-energy moniker of Portland, Oregon’s Jeff Brodsky, Jeffrey Jerusalem delivers ecstatic rhythms, and primitive bliss as part of his multimedia lifestyle. As a producer, Jerusalem’s music combines playful, lo-fi bedroom disco—characteristic of Portland’s dance scene—with the top shelf techno-craftsmanship of his peers at DFA(Lazercave).