October 2012

Wednesday 10/24 - 9:30pm
w/ Alex Bleeker and the Freaks


Through the Day (Watch)
Dreamin (Live) (Watch)

"These are all good examples of what they do so well on Twerps: excellent melodies, simple guitar lines, and simple lyrics that imply something urgent or devastating. As they’ve said in interviews, they’ve done some growing up for this album, and you can hear it, mostly in the tone of their instruments. They make those bold, doe-eyed statements, then offset them by a tinge of melancholy in their guitars, implying something more self-aware and devastating."

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

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These Days (Listen)
Summer / Epilogue (Live)

“[Real Estate] bassist Alex Bleeker’s first solo EP is in front of the Freaks, a gang that’s more Crazy Horse than Galaxie 500… The sonics are similarly submerged, but the pop format is much different: this is Strumming Country, tone trumps texture. Bleeker’s got a fantastic ear for steering his crew’s floating-mattress sensibility toward the classic rock side of things.”

Wednesday 10/3 - 9pm
ITAL / Laurel Halo / Magic Touch / M. Geddes Gengras

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Floridian Void (Listen)
Press: Hive Mind Review (Pitchfork)
               FACT Magazine Interview

“Working best at high volume, ITAL’s music uses house’s easy going 4/4 structure as a kind of camouflage for more out-there sonic explorations; subverting expectations, seeking out the links between the space and the sound-bending of dub and industrial’s unsettling sonics with the grooves of classic house and the effects and black holes of minimal at it’s weirdest. The album has a sculptured feel; sounds twist in space, feeling almost three dimensional and melodies pitch-shift in an unsettling way; voices dissolve in and out of these frameworks and the whole album has a unique, haunted feel; nothing is ever allowed to settle totally comfortably, everything vibrates. Hive Mind’s title also hints at such themes as how culture insinuates itself on you and the meaning of pleasure, it’s ironies and forms, drawing in creeping fears of the internet age." (Panache)

Laurel Halo 
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MK Ultra (listen)
Press: Quarantine Review (Pitchfork)
               FACT Magazine Interview

“Laurel Halo’s swirling music sounds like an evocation of virtual landscapes – a response to the disorienting effect of continual contact in the Information Age. Halo references the ‘glow’ of social networking and its cult of positivity. But the sonic glow on her debut album Quarantine derives from a heat of authenticity: an aggressive search for a direct connection with people, not the cold corporate achievement of a Like. Putting new focus on her voice, it’s a sometimes discomforting listen that’s a tight fit for the Hyperdub label, with its mix of nostalgia (Burial, King Midas Sound) and futurism (Ikonika, DVA); and for a wired state of mind.” (Pitchfork)

M. Geddes Gengras