March 2012

Fri. 3/23 - 9PM
North Highlands

w/Poor Remy
North Highlands:
"Their album Wild One is a perfect blend of sophistication, emotion and sensual chord progressions that have often left me standing shirtless in front of an open refrigerator contemplating the meaning of life and expiration dates on dairy. Brenda Malvini drops haunting and aching vocals over beautiful indie pop that is enough to make a man question everything he once held dear and walk away from a 6-figure salary to walk the earth in search of a soul mate. Just ask my friend Del." (Syffal)

Poor Remy:

Sat. 3/31 - 9:30PM
Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors)

Nat Baldwin
weights (video)

Double bassist/singer-songwriter Nat Baldwin's forthcoming album People Changes is much like the stark Maine setting which it was created. Of course, his fourth full-length shows welcome markings of his experimental bent from years as the Dirty Projectors bassist and former disciple of free jazz legend Anthony Braxton, but the serene isolation of 17 million acres of New England forestland make this cabin-born set intimate and sincere.

In addition to Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin has performed on Vampire Weekend's Contra and Department of Eagles' In Ear Park. He will tour behind the albums release this spring (Billions).