December 2012

Sat. 12/8 - 9pm
Turquoise Jeep

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Lemme Smang It (Watch)
Fried or Fertilized (Watch)
I Like to Dance (Live)

Sat. 12/8 - 1pm
The Bazaar

The Horn Gallery is holding a Craft Bazaar on December 8 from 1pm-4pm! Students, faculty, and community members will be selling/trading any product they have created and would like to share. Come on out for some arts, crafts, original music CDs, and even baked goods.

November 2012

Fri. 11/30 - 9:30pm
Elite Gymnastics

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Is This On Me? (Watch)
Sa Sa Samoa Remix (Watch)
Andreja 4-Ever (Listen)

Sat. 11/10 - 9:30pm
Killer Mike

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Big Beast (Watch)
Untitled (In Studio Session) (Watch)

"Nearly a decade deep in the rap game, Mike has released five critically hailed records and won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group with Outkast for the song “The Whole World.” But, in no uncertain terms, Mike will tell you that R.A.P. Music is his finest accomplishment. He’ll even call it a “classic.” Of course, every rapper calls every one of their albums a classic. The only difference is that Mike’s right...Not only does R.A.P. Music stand on its own as a stark document of the socio-economic discrepancies and racism that still plague America in 2011, it creates a kinetic soundtrack for our ever-present paranoia, fear, and loathing. The acronym in the title stands for “Rebellious African People’s Music” and it operates as a catchall container for Mike’s rage at everything from corporate chicanery to the fallout from the Reagan era. Although titled “R.A.P.,” it takes its influence from all genres that Blacks have rebelled through be it Gospel, Jazz, Soul, Rock or Funk. The title track expresses this fittingly." (Agency)

Fri. 11/9 - 8:30pm
The Milkman's Union

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Brooks Robinson (Watch)

"The Milkman’s Union is an art-pop outfit based in Portland, ME. The band formed at Bowdoin College in 2007 and began touring the Northeast in 2010. Hundreds of shows later, the members find themselves having garnered a number of honors, including opening slots for Deerhunter, Bowerbirds, Woods, The Morning Benders, The Devil Makes Three, Ben Kweller, among others, an appearance at the CMJ festival in NYC and a mild and ineffable “buzz” surrounding their activities. The Portland Phoenix writes that the band “had one of the most celebrated 2011s of any band in town” and Boston Band Crush suggests that “they’re the kind of three piece that crafts a sound so full and entertaining, you’re constantly checking to be sure they haven’t snuck in a fourth guy that you’re just not seeing.” With an EP due in the Fall and more rigorous touring to follow, The Milkman’s Union’s story will continue to unfold."

October 2012

Wednesday 10/24 - 9:30pm
w/ Alex Bleeker and the Freaks


Through the Day (Watch)
Dreamin (Live) (Watch)

"These are all good examples of what they do so well on Twerps: excellent melodies, simple guitar lines, and simple lyrics that imply something urgent or devastating. As they’ve said in interviews, they’ve done some growing up for this album, and you can hear it, mostly in the tone of their instruments. They make those bold, doe-eyed statements, then offset them by a tinge of melancholy in their guitars, implying something more self-aware and devastating."

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

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These Days (Listen)
Summer / Epilogue (Live)

“[Real Estate] bassist Alex Bleeker’s first solo EP is in front of the Freaks, a gang that’s more Crazy Horse than Galaxie 500… The sonics are similarly submerged, but the pop format is much different: this is Strumming Country, tone trumps texture. Bleeker’s got a fantastic ear for steering his crew’s floating-mattress sensibility toward the classic rock side of things.”

Wednesday 10/3 - 9pm
ITAL / Laurel Halo / Magic Touch / M. Geddes Gengras

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Floridian Void (Listen)
Press: Hive Mind Review (Pitchfork)
               FACT Magazine Interview

“Working best at high volume, ITAL’s music uses house’s easy going 4/4 structure as a kind of camouflage for more out-there sonic explorations; subverting expectations, seeking out the links between the space and the sound-bending of dub and industrial’s unsettling sonics with the grooves of classic house and the effects and black holes of minimal at it’s weirdest. The album has a sculptured feel; sounds twist in space, feeling almost three dimensional and melodies pitch-shift in an unsettling way; voices dissolve in and out of these frameworks and the whole album has a unique, haunted feel; nothing is ever allowed to settle totally comfortably, everything vibrates. Hive Mind’s title also hints at such themes as how culture insinuates itself on you and the meaning of pleasure, it’s ironies and forms, drawing in creeping fears of the internet age." (Panache)

Laurel Halo 
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MK Ultra (listen)
Press: Quarantine Review (Pitchfork)
               FACT Magazine Interview

“Laurel Halo’s swirling music sounds like an evocation of virtual landscapes – a response to the disorienting effect of continual contact in the Information Age. Halo references the ‘glow’ of social networking and its cult of positivity. But the sonic glow on her debut album Quarantine derives from a heat of authenticity: an aggressive search for a direct connection with people, not the cold corporate achievement of a Like. Putting new focus on her voice, it’s a sometimes discomforting listen that’s a tight fit for the Hyperdub label, with its mix of nostalgia (Burial, King Midas Sound) and futurism (Ikonika, DVA); and for a wired state of mind.” (Pitchfork)

M. Geddes Gengras

September 2012

Wednesday 9/26 - 9pm
Lower Dens

Band Site
Brains (Watch)
I Get Nervous (Tiny Desk Concert) (Watch)
Press: Nootropics Review (Paste)

“The record as a whole begs for an assessment of all the flaws inherent in our existence, and to imagine a better, more suitable, logical way for humanity to live.” So says Lower Dens leader Jana Hunter about the band’s stunning new album Nootropics. It’s an ambitious work, and it delivers – heavily metaphorical, the symmetries and concordances of the lyrics run deep; the luminous lines of the music converge at a point in a future just out of view. Lower Dens has made music that reconciles fear and uncertainty by freeze-framing it and turning it into a thing of beauty. Pronounced no-eh-tro-pics, the title refers to a type of drug used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. That’s a reference to Hunter’s interest in transhumanism, the use of technology to extend human capabilities. It could just as easily extend to the music itself – even the band’s newfound keyboards achieve a human-digital synthesis that aptly mirrors the album’s themes. (Ribbon)

May 2012

Thurs. 5/3 - 8PM
Film Screening + Q&A

An evening of short films by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Sam Green, followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

Sam Green (THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND) has been mak­ing award-winning short doc­u­men­taries since the late 1990s. This pro­gram gath­ers together for the first time an evening length pro­gram of Green’s short films, rang­ing from a por­trait of the world’s largest shop­ping mall in South­ern China, which is actu­ally com­pletely empty (UTOPIA PT 3), to an elegy for Mered­ith Hunter, the young man who was killed by Hells Angels at the noto­ri­ous 1969 Alta­mont con­cert (lot 63, grave c). Other films from the pro­gram include: THE FABULOUSSTAINS: BEHIND THE MOVIE, the remark­able story of the cult film directed by Lou Adler in 1982. And Green’s new film THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE is a por­trait of Esperanto, an arti­fi­cial lan­guage that was cre­ated in the late 1800s with the hope of cre­at­ing world peace, and the world­wide move­ment of peo­ple who still speak it. Run­ning through Green’s films is a cel­e­bra­tion of ide­al­ism and the search for mean­ing along with the often humor­ous real­i­ties of human folly.

8-9:20PMUtopia Part 3: the World’s Largest Shop­ping Mall – 13:08, 2009
Pie Fight ’69 – 8:03, 2000
The Fab­u­lous Stains: Behind the Movie – 11:00, 1999
lot 63, grave c – 9:47, 2006
N-Judah 5:30 – 3:18, 2004
Clear Glasses – 4:13, 2008
The Uni­ver­sal Lan­guage – 30:00, 2011

9:30-10PM Q&A

April 2012

Wed. 4/4 - 8PM
Women in Music Open Mic

Please come celebrate women in the arts! Anything and everything written, performed, produced (etc.) by a lady is fair game--you need not be a lady to perform. Sign up for a spot at the event.

Art by Kenyon women will also be displayed.

Presented by the Horn and Crozier.

Fri. 4/6 - 8PM
Bread and Puppet Theater
decapitalization circus finale (watch)
why cheap art manifesto (read)
Bread and Puppet Theater is an internationally recognized company that champions a visually rich, street-theater brand of performance art that filled with music, dance and slapstick. Its shows are political and spectacular, with huge puppets made of paper maché and cardboard; a brass band for accompaniment, and anti-elitist dance. Most are morality plays--about how people act toward each other--whose prototype is "Everyman." There are puppets of all kinds and sizes, masks, sculptural costumes, paintings, buildings and landscapes that seemingly breathe with Schumann's distinctive visual style of dance, expressionism, dark humor and low-culture simplicity (Theater For the New City).

Sat. 4/7 - 9PM
Shabazz Palaces
w/Way Yes

Shabazz Palaces

A deliberately enigmatic hip-hop collective from Seattle led by the Palaceer, the rapper otherwise known as Ishmael Butler. The group released two EPs last year – Shabazz Palaces and Of Light – but their first full-length release, Black Up (which came out June 28th on Sub Pop), is their creative breakthrough. Over the course of 10 tracks, Butler and his collaborators pair thoughtful, sharply composed rhymes with beats that recall the grimy, claustrophobic sound of early Wu-Tang Clan and Company Flow as well as the blissful, atmospheric instrumental hip-hop of DJ Shadow (Rolling Stone) .

Way Yes
band website

Formed in Columbus, Ohio in early 2010, Way Yes set out to make music about good times, or at least making it through the bad ones. Their latest EP, Walkability (Lefse Records) hides heavy lyrical content under positive tropical vibes. They make masterful use of sonic space, keeping the instrumentation sparse and the reverb heavy to provide a deceivingly introspective experience. With layered African & Brazilian rhythms, whimsical guitar lines and dreamy electronic touches, Way Yes makes sure you’ll never think of Ohio the same way again.

Sat. 4/14 - 10PM*
Ty Segall, One Man Band (Solo Set)
W/Ryan Chapin Mach

*FYI: the date of this event changed from 4/13 to 4/14--any websites still listing the event as FRI 4/13 have not been updated. The event is SAT 4/14.

goodbye bread (watch)
band website

Like so many kids born backwards into an endless digital landscape of ahistorical pop plenitude, San Francisco rocker Ty Segall writes by channeling — and lovingly warping — a carefully curated set of period references. His records are a playful pastiche of '60s proto-punk signifiers: curled-lip delivery, wailing guitar solos, even the fuzzy grain of the era's analog production (NPR).

Ryan Chapin Mach

Fri. 4/20 - 10PM
w/Glen Echo + We Just Spoke

More than any other single artist, Pinegrove was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late '90s.
We Just Spoke

Sat. 4/21 - 9:30PM
Erin Earthling
w/the Green Escalators

Erin Earthling

killer plum!!!

Green Escalators

March 2012

Fri. 3/23 - 9PM
North Highlands

w/Poor Remy
North Highlands:
"Their album Wild One is a perfect blend of sophistication, emotion and sensual chord progressions that have often left me standing shirtless in front of an open refrigerator contemplating the meaning of life and expiration dates on dairy. Brenda Malvini drops haunting and aching vocals over beautiful indie pop that is enough to make a man question everything he once held dear and walk away from a 6-figure salary to walk the earth in search of a soul mate. Just ask my friend Del." (Syffal)

Poor Remy:

Sat. 3/31 - 9:30PM
Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors)

Nat Baldwin
weights (video)

Double bassist/singer-songwriter Nat Baldwin's forthcoming album People Changes is much like the stark Maine setting which it was created. Of course, his fourth full-length shows welcome markings of his experimental bent from years as the Dirty Projectors bassist and former disciple of free jazz legend Anthony Braxton, but the serene isolation of 17 million acres of New England forestland make this cabin-born set intimate and sincere.

In addition to Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin has performed on Vampire Weekend's Contra and Department of Eagles' In Ear Park. He will tour behind the albums release this spring (Billions).


February 2012

Wed. 2/1 - 8PM

Come out for the first open mic of 2012! Sing, play, dance, read, perform, watch, or whatever else you want to do. E-mail Thea Kohut ( to sign up for a spot (first come, first served) or sign up at the Horn on Wednesday.

Sat. 2/11 - 10PM
Black White and Red All Over

A premiere formal event brought to you by the Horn Gallery, Peeps O Kenyon, Food Co-Op, PEAS, and ECO. Call it what you want (bootleg Phling? Party of the century?); think Horn Black
& White Ball meets Peeps Valentine's Party with local food and live music thrown into the mix.

10-10:45 Jazz/hors d'oeuvres
10:45-11:15 Glen Echo/hors d'oeuvres
11:15-midnight Luke Brandfon
midnight-2am DJ SLOTS

Wed. 2/15 - 9:30PM
Cloud Nothings
w/Glen Echo

Cloud Nothings (listen)
prefix (read)

Cloud Nothings is a one-man studio band: 19-year-old Dylan Baldi, the songwriter whose frantic, fuzz-toned but ever-tuneful home recordings, from a suburban basement, werediscovered online. He’s a throwback to the melodic early-1980s punk-pop of bands like the Replacements, with the immediacy of being an actual teenager — a nerdy, nasal-voiced underdog falling in love or lashing out. “You’re not that important now and that will always stay the same!” he sneers in two-syllable bursts (NY Times).

Fri. 2/17 -9:30 PM
Danny Brown

[Danny Brown] projects his neuroses onto pill-popping college girls, traces the roots of his vices to a fucked-up family, and speaks on the damn near post-apocalyptic climate of his Detroit hometown until all the pain comes rushing right back on album closer "30", a victory rap lap with a drunken horn beat, tugged along by a swaggering celebration of success and a nagging death wish. Danny Brown is loads of fun to listen to because he raps like a maniac, hilariously and tragically, about any and everything, but XXX stays on your iPod thanks to its precarious balance between being wildly unhinged and conceptually sound (Pitchfork).

Fri. 2/24 - 9:30PM
Bob Crusoe
w/The Killer Sting

Wed. 2/29 9:45PM
w/Jeffrey Jerusalem and
Double Girlfriend

band website

YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans of Marfa, Texas and Portland, Oregon, USA. All people are welcome to become members of YACHT. Accordingly, YACHT is what YACHT is whenYACHT is standing before you. YACHT’s heart is in these live presentations: uncluttered, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and coded ritualism, backed by constantly changing elements— (Windish)

Jeffrey Jerusalem

Introducing Jeffrey Jerusalem, the West Coast’s next hot-shit producer, performer, and remixer. The high-energy moniker of Portland, Oregon’s Jeff Brodsky, Jeffrey Jerusalem delivers ecstatic rhythms, and primitive bliss as part of his multimedia lifestyle. As a producer, Jerusalem’s music combines playful, lo-fi bedroom disco—characteristic of Portland’s dance scene—with the top shelf techno-craftsmanship of his peers at DFA(Lazercave).